My Name is Richard Harrison.

   ​I have been designing, creating and constructing under the name HARD ART since 1996.  While holding two degrees in Architecture, I found my passion for construction to be outside in the dirt, rock and stones.  I also have a passion for water.  I like to believe that the water elements in my work come from being a long time surfer and waterman.

    My education in design has allowed me to take concepts from initial vision, through efficient design, and into quality oriented construction.  This process has allowed me to be in control of the three most important elements of the construction process:  Quality, Quantity, and Cost.  The secret is that one can attempt to balance all three....but one can only truly control two of these, at a cost to the third.

    I have chosen to be a builder in this life, and I truly enjoy the creative process.  Whether it is a small or larger project,  basic to exotic, quality and passion goes into everything I make.

Stone - Patio - Art - Design